We make your property claim problems manageable.

SDA is your expert for complex property damage claims consulting and inspections.

Large Loss Inspections

From commercial and industrial to residential, our team has the expertise to assess and estimate large loss damage claims.

Roof Inspections

Certified and expertly trained, SDA inspectors use the latest technology and a thorough understanding of all roofing systems to accurately evaluate damage.

Forensic Consulting

Through dispute resolution, negotiations, and expert witnessing, we build rapport and a level of comfort with all parties involved with the claim.


Control Your Claim Costs

Accuracy is of the utmost importance. Know the scope with accurate assessments from SDA.


Improve Cycle Time

With SDA as your partner, you will have all the tools you need to conclude losses timely and equitably.


State-of-the-Art Technology

Cutting edge technology plus years of experience means each project is in the best of hands. 

One call for complex property claims.

We understand your priority as an insurance adjuster is to focus on your client’s claim and resolve their problems as quickly and accurately as possible.  We work alongside you and all parties involved to ensure an accurate assessment is made of property damage so the claim can be settled promptly, effectively, and fairly.  Nothing satisfies us more than helping you satisfy your customer. 

As experienced consultants and contractors, the entire SDA team is committed to resolve claims issues and help you control your costs and improve your cycle time. Our proven track record of satisfied customers is a testament to our adaptive approach that enables us to solve unique problems that come up with complex claims and property inspections. 

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Experience matters. SDA has it.

Over 30 years of experience plus a proven track record of cost-savings and equitable settlements.

How We Work

Accurate Information Intake

Our experts are able to assess and analyze property damage while conversing with necessary parties to develop an equitable repair plan.

Scene Investigation

Thorough, accurate and effective scene investigation is paramount to a successful loss settlement.

Expertise Application

We combine our knowledge, skills, and expertise with accurate information to provide solutions to your complex property claims.

Certified Professionals

A full array of licensed contracting experience with over 50,000 claims in our portfolio.

Lean on our expertise and focus on your client’s needs.

Give us the opportunity to earn your trust and help you close your next file – faster and headache free.